Message from Shipp's Corner

Hello! As a pet owners, we have long searched for a place where we would feel completely comfortable leaving our pets and knowing that they are being cared for.  What we have created here is a facility that provides both Physical and Mental stimilation, for your pet.  We provide a friendly enviroment and critique each experience to your pet! 

We begin with you.  As soon as you start your Check-In with us we will ask numerous questions, in order to understand your pet's personailty.  We have paired with Propet to create a "Social-Media" like app that allows you to put in every detail about your pet!  Start with your favorite picture and all the likes/dislikes that make your pet unique.  Propet also keeps track of every experiance your pets has with us.  This allows us to suggest an "Extended Playtime" instead of a "Nature Walk" because your pet LOVES to fetch a ball.

We then add in a variety of activities to get your pet out and moving.  Swimming or Jumping into a pool for the more adventurous.  Grooming and Spa treatments for the most glamourus pets.  Group playtime and Daycare for those who just want to be with some friends.

We also end with you because your peace-of-mind is just as important.  We have added a camera system to our luxury suites, so you can check in  at any time.  Your Propet account keeps you up to date with everything your pet has accomplished.  Did you forget to tell us something?  Your Pets profile page allows you to communicate, directly with our staff or update your pets information.  Maybe you want to add a service to your pet's stay?

Thank You for allowing us this experience with your pet!

Shipp's Corner